Attic Ventilation

A critical component of any good home design is proper attic ventilation. Improper attic ventilation affects energy consumption, and roof life. It also causes water damage, and mildew and mold problems.

Roofing contractors report that 56% of homes they check have poor ventilation, meaning if you are thinking of getting your roof replaced then you’re likely to have poor attic ventilation. The temperature inside a poorly ventilated attic can reach 165 °F during the summer. In the winter, a poor ventilated attic will fail at removing moister from the roof and allow mold and mildew to grow. In addition during the winter, it also increases the likelihood of an ice dam forming on your roof.

Proper attic ventilation on your roof will help you save money on your energy bill during the summer by keeping the attic temperature at about 105 °F. Proper Ventilation will extend the life of your roof while protecting it from algae and mildew damage.

We encourage you to watch an informative video on Attic Ventilation by clicking on the link “Attic Ventilation.”

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